SPW GmbH of Bremerhaven, Germany,
is a technological world leader in the design and precision manufacture of the most advanced sailing propellers available today, both feathering and folding types.

In 2000 NAUTILUS PROPELLER, Toronto, was chosen as exclusive Canadian distributor to introduce the line in North America. Our expertise in the complex field of marine propulsion and our total commitment to service and customer satisfaction has led to over 1000 happy skippers in Canada alone. They have been our best advertisement and a host of testimonials from delighted customers is available upon request.

The unique ability to tailor individual proposals drawing from world’s largest selection of feathering and folding propellers in 2-blade, 3-blade, and 4-blade configuration, allows us to recommend the optimal solution to each sailor’s needs, preferences and budget.


VARIPROP is the flagship feathering propeller that over the past decade has built the most enviable reputation as the finest, most robust, reliable, and best performing propeller of its kind available today.

Some of the benefits of a VARIPROP installation are:

  • Near zero sailing drag
  • Powerful thrust in head seas
  • Incredible control in reverse and maneuvering
  • Custom tailored “prop walk”, increased, reduced or eliminated
  • External and separate fine tuning of forward and reverse pitch for optimal performance
  • Massive gears for decades of reliable and trouble free service
  • “Soft-Stop” *TM Multidisc Brake system to minimize impact when reversing gears
  • 2,3, and 4 blade models in all hub sizes for shaft and saildrive
  • Shortest hub length fits small apertures
  • Delivered fully assembled, balanced, lubricated and individually tested, ready to install on any shaft without disassembly or modifications necessary.

           Visit the VARIPROP site for full information:  www.spw-gmbh.de/en/

          View excerpts from customer testimonials


VARIPROFILE  feathering propeller is the latest addition to the VARI-family of fine sailing propellers. It is especially designed for the modern fin keel production yacht. VARIPROFILE propellers are available in 2-blade and 3-blade configurations for engines up to 140 hp. They offer complete fine tuning for forward and reverse pitch.

Building on the proven features of the VARIPROP the most significant  technological advance is the incorporation of the HI-TECH GAWN/KAPLAN blade profile. Normally associated with high-speed power boat and aircraft propeller blades the Gawn/Kaplan blade profile delivers outstanding efficiency with the result that the VARIPROFILE delivers speeds normally associated with fixed propellers or the best folding propellers.

The innovative use of modern high-strength materials (QPQ liquid Nitriding) for the carefully machined helical gears allows a hub of small diameter and a streamlined shape resulting in a very low sailing drag. The VARIPROFILE is unique in that the hub is a separate piece from the blade/gear assembly. With a wide range of pitch adjustment available the blade/gear assemblies can be easily matched to any hub. In the event of a repower or rotation change a new blade/gear assembly can therefore be attached  to the existing hub. 

With all these advancements available at a lower cost, the VARIPROFILE represents a modern example of  MORE FOR LESS !

           Visit the VARIPROFILE site for full information:  www.spw-gmbh.de/en/

           View excerpts from customer testimonials


VARIFOLD folding propellers are the choice for the ultimate in sailing speed coupled with delivering the greatest thrust under power. Designed by SPW in Germany and now manufactured by BRUNTON’S Propellers in the UK, VARIFOLD propellers are available in 2, 3 and 4-blade models for boats from 20 feet to Megayachts.

Some of the benefits are:

  • Proper helical pitch distribution reducing noise and vibration
  • Ultra smooth operation
  • Guaranteed opening in forward and reverse, every time, through new opening technique
  • Fastest of the folding propellers on the market today
  • Very low drag coefficient in all models
  • Extra strong gears and bearing surfaces for long life
  • Available for normal shaft drive or saildrive
  • Manufactured from NIBRAL, the ultimate bronze alloy for strength
  • Racing features without extra cost (no wide gap between closed blades for less drag)

           Visit the VARIFOLD site for full information:  www.spw-gmbh.de/en/

           View excerpts from customer testimonials



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